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"Most people are pretty afraid right before their procedure and I definitely was. My nurse made me feel calm and comfortable. She helped me feel confident that I was going to be okay and that I would see the best possible results after the procedure. She gave me the attention and medical care that I needed. When I woke up after the surgery, I felt like I was in a safe place, because of the relationship I was able to build with her."

"Amanda with oveRNight RN is truly a wonderful nurse! She is compassionate and caring, while doing her job to the best! I did not experience any pain while in her care, yet was not snowed. Being a critical care nurse, I definitely know the difference. I was so grateful to have such competence and caring!"

"I was lucky enough to have a nurse after my surgery. She made me feel at ease the second I met her which was huge for me. She answered my million questions as to what would happen when I woke up (and I had a MILLION) and answered them all with a smile. Even offered to keep in contact with my ride because the time of my surgery was longer/ and unknown. She gave me her personal number for any questions I had and checked on me regularly. It was so helpful to know what was "normal" when it's hard to tell what it is supposed to look like after such a big surgery. I of course had a million more questions and she answered me promptly all hours of the night, weeks after my surgery. I can't express HOW MUCH it helped me during my healing process to have her help. I could not recommend her MORE!"

"My nurse was truly amazing during my post operative overnight care. She checked on my vital signs regularly and did everything possible to assure my physical as well as emotional comfort, and safe recovery. I am a health care professional myself (Dr. of Physical Therapy), and would only consider having a professional monitoring me in this situation--as family and / or friends are not adequately prepared for managing potential complications or supervising early mobility. I highly recommend securing the services of an experienced, educated professional, even if it is mainly for your peace of mind."

"I'm so happy my doctors office recommended oveRNight to me when I told the staff I needed someone to help me after my lipo. I didn't want to burden my family or friends. My nurse was so caring and gentle, it really made my experience and after care so easy. She really knows her stuff! So easy to schedule too!"


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