Getting from the operating room to comfort in a whole new way

Our Vision


No matter how routine modern surgery is, it's serious business even in an ambulatory setting. Regardless of what brings you into the operating room, it's a delicate process that deserves careful consideration of what happens after patients wake up and leave the surgery center. That's what we at oveRNight RN are here to help you with. 

By working with surgeons, administrators, and patients we connect you with everything from transportation, care provided by specialized post-operative nurses, extended assistance caregivers, follow-ups, and additional support. We are your link to everything that makes the transition from recovery room to living room happen swiftly, safely, and with ease.

Time after time, we noticed the look of uncertainty and surprise on patients' faces when preparing to discharge them from the postoperative care facilities of the surgery centers she has worked at. "I have to go home so soon?" and "I don't feel ready!" were just some of the most common remarks.

We realized how the quick patient turnaround times created a need for better surgical aftercare. Home care solutions in the market up to that point were inadequate. Together, we teamed up to investigate every point along the road to healing. We set out to optimize the protocols, procedures, and standards of care that patients encounter during their surgical journey. The solutions we crafted laid the basis for an array of services which provided the ground oveRNight RN was built on.


Our Team


Registered Nurses (RNs)

The Registered Nurses we provide you with have years of experience in operating rooms, recovery rooms, and home care. When it comes to finding the best people to support you after surgery, they are sure to deliver. Their background gives them the ability to gauge postoperative recovery progress and use their skills to optimize it. By utilizing surgeon instructions and assessing the patient's unique condition and needs, they can work with you to make the transition from operating room to living room as easy as it can possibly be. 

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs)

Some patients may require less comprehensive care after shorter procedures, or extended care after their Registered Nurse helps them recover from anesthesia. This is why we also work with Licensed Vocational Nurses with experience working in surgical environments. They know the ins and outs of postoperative recovery, and can safeguard patients at night or provide extended care. 


To get home from the surgery center patients often need a trusted driver who can get them from point A to point B safely and in comfort. To that end we also set patients who receive care through us up with rides to their homes or places of stay. We work with friendly, safe drivers who are experienced in helping patients stay mobile. 

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The Core

Our core staff is in charge of clinical coordination and all business functions. We are here to maintain our standards of care and improve how we do things on a daily basis. Please feel free to reach out to us - we are here to answer your questions!

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Michael Freyer, MSEL


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Van Nguyen

Director, Sales Planning and Strategy

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Micah Messner-Chaney

Digital Marketing