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Why should I recommend a personal Postoperative Care Nurse to my patients?


The Challenge:

Surgeries are strenuous on the human body. Without proper support during the healing process, the road to recovery can be rocky. Not only does one out of every three patients suffer from sudden nausea and vomiting; a figure that rises to two out of three among at-risk patients; final surgical outcomes also suffer without the right aftercare. Patients are at greater risk of developing hematomas and seromas without proper support, putting the success of procedures at risk. Inadequate wound care can also result in a greater buildup of scar tissue and risk for surgical site infections.

Where others fall short: 

Comfort care is not enough. Medically untrained personnel cannot perform the care postoperative patients need because they are not capable of tending to your patients' physical and mental well-being or guarding them from unexpected complications. 

Similarly, friends and family do not always have the medical training necessary to provide adequate aftercare. Privacy is often another important desire. 

Staying in a hospital is not only stressful and costly, but also delays your patients' ability to return home and get back on their feet in a comfortable environment. 


The Solution: 

Home care provided by your patient's personal Postoperative Care Nurse

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What is a Postoperative Care Nurse?

Our nurses are all registered with the California Board of Registered Nurses, they all have ACLS training, with the right experience level in PACUs, ORs, and/or ICUs. Our RN's are affluent in the needs of patients recovering from anesthesia, and are experienced in wound care. Furthermore, we educate our nurses on various evidence-based practices such as the Holistic Nursing and Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocols, making them the most qualified caregivers in the postoperative environment. We also recognize the unpredictable and varied nature of postoperative patient needs, therefore we ensure that our staff can handle even the most challenging of patients.


What will they do for my patient?

The nurse will guarantee your patient’s personal comfort and medical safety. He or she will use the experience mentioned above to make sure your patient gets back on their feet quickly, and that their fast recovery enables better surgical outcomes. Beyond this, he or she will monitor your patient’s vitals during recovery and keep an eye out for signs and symptoms of possible complications, such as hypoxia, hematomas, and surgical site infections. Although these do not present themselves frequently, attending to symptoms early on can often save patients a round of phone calls to their provider, or even a trip to the hospital. 


How do I benefit from your service?

We extend the reach of medical care from your operating room to the patient’s living room. This is important to make sure your aftercare instructions are being followed with precision, and by a medical professional that understands exactly what your post-operative instructions dictate. Simply put, a certified, trained professional is better equipped to keep your patient comfortable, safe, and advance their medical recovery. Beyond this, a nurse will be able to attend to many of the patient’s questions and needs that would otherwise be directly addressed to you even after discharge. This way, you can spend your time after surgery running your practice or relaxing knowing your patient’s needs are being met instead of taking phone calls at all hours of the day. We also reduce costs that can result from last minute cancellations. When you have to cancel a procedure because a patient's responsible adult drops out last minute, or because you find out your patient hasn't made proper arrangements, rescheduling staff, procedures, and operating rooms results in costs to your practice. We help you avoid these. 


Why shouldn’t I just send my office manager or other staff home with a patient?

Wearing multiple hats and responsibilities is hard, and when a patient’s safety or your practice’s operations are involved, multitasking doesn’t work in the long run. We help your practice stay focused on the next surgery by freeing you from routine and unanticipated postoperative patient needs.


What role do CNAs play in your offerings?

Sometimes, patients request support for long amounts of time for their own comfort and peace of mind, beyond the timespan during which the aftereffects of surgery require the presence of a Registered Nurse. For long-term needs, we offer Certified Nursing Assistants to continue to provide qualified, competent care at a lower price. When a patient does have a CNA present, we always have an RN on call to provide supervision and to maintain our high standards of care. 


What do you mean by “Evidence-Based Care with a Twist”?

We believe that healing is accelerated from within. Patients who are comfortable, feel secure, and at rest will recover faster and with better outcomes. That is why we focus not only on the patient’s medical condition, but also their mental state. Getting them home to the most comfortable environment with a qualified care provider who can put their mind at ease is the first step. When our patients wake up and see the nurse they had a preoperative consultation with, they know they will be safe. From there on, we offer a variety of supplemental services that draw on alternative approaches, but have shown to provide reliable benefits to healing and reductions in postoperative complications. These include lymphatic massage techniques, aromatherapy, nutritional supplements, and breathing exercises. If you or your patient wish to incorporate these in your aftercare plan, we are ready to use them to supercharge your patient’s healing.

So how does it work?

We will hold a consultation with your patient so they can meet their nurse, and ask for your care instructions and notes ahead of time

When you discharge the patient from the recovery room, we can provide transportation to their home or place of stay so they can recover in comfort. 

Your patient's Postoperative Care Nurse will care for them as long as needed or desired, until they are able to take the next steps independently. 


The nurse will share her notes with notes and charting with you to touch base. We can also accompany your patient to your postoperative appointment if requested. 


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