Services Overview

We offer a variety of options to support your healing following surgery. Every patient is different, and a unique combination of various services may be best for your individual needs. Your surgeon can advise you on which level and duration of care is best for your particular needs. 


Postoperative Care Nursing

Before your surgery, your nurse will sit down with you and your surgeon to take detailed notes on your procedure, anesthesia, and aftercare needs. Your nurse will meet you after your surgery and take care of you while you regain your vitality. She will help you heal and prepare you to take charge of your further recovery. At the end of her duties, your nurse will share her notes with your surgeon to make sure all your needs are being met, and that your recovery is progressing as quickly as possible.

We set you up with qualified caregivers from a team of Registered Nurses who specialize in post-anesthesia care, and Certified Nursing Assistants who can assist you with a wide range of tasks to accompany your recovery. 



Regular transportation services simply cannot cover the needs of patients who were just discharged from the recovery room. This is why we offer comfortable, discrete transportation from your surgery center to your place of stay. Even our drivers are educated to be able to help you get around in comfort, and to guarantee your safety as you return to the comfort of your home or hotel. 


Follow-Up Visits and Dressing Changes

In some cases and after the immediate period following surgery, you might benefit from a trained clinical professional who can help you with dressing changes, regaining complete mobility, and getting you back to full vitality as quickly as possible. 





Registered Nurses

Hourly, 4 Hour Minimum

$75 / Hour


$40 Flat Rate up to 15 miles or

$2.50 per mile beyond

Certified Nursing Assistants

Hourly, 4 Hour Minimum

$45 / Hour

Follow-Up Visits

$90 Per Visit


Do you have additional questions or would like to know which level of care is best for you? Reach out to a nurse directly to ask questions about what he or she can do for you!

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