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How can I benefit from professional recovery care after my ambulatory procedure?


Surgeries are strenuous on the human body. Without proper support during the healing process, the road to recovery can be rocky. Not only does one out of every three patients suffer from sudden nausea and vomiting; a figure that rises to two out of three among at-risk patients; final surgical outcomes also suffer without the right aftercare. Patients are at greater risk of developing hematomas and seromas without proper support, putting the success of procedures at risk. Inadequate wound care can also result in a greater buildup of scar tissue and risk for infection.

Many home care providers rely on non-medical staff and comfort care personnel to provide services. In contrast, we only work with Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants whose personal areas of expertise include post-anesthesia care, and who demonstrate their ability to build positive relationships with their patients. By offering the most competent caregivers, we are prepared to handle any medical need or personal request. We continuously help optimize techniques used for pain management, overall well-being, and improving surgical outcomes. This makes us the definitive experts in outpatient surgery aftercare.

The care our nurses provide is based on the most current research in wound care and post-anesthesia recovery. But we go one step further: Healing in comfort comes from within, and we take the patient’s greater well-being into consideration. We place great importance on selecting caregivers who set themselves apart by their ability to work with you, the patient, by building a personal connection and positive rapport. Because when professionals help you feel safe and good, your body will follow suit. 

What patients said about their caregivers:

My nurse was truly amazing during my post operative overnight care. She checked on my vital signs regularly and did everything possible to assure my physical as well as emotional comfort, and safe recovery.
oveRNight RN postoperative nurse