Exciting Updates Coming To Our Platform

Since we started our business in 2017 we’ve put continuous emphasis on establishing and improving the recipe that leads to success in postoperative healing. We take great care to encourage good communication between all those involved in a patient’s care, and share insights to improve the consistency with which our caregivers can provide helping hands.

Physicians and healthcare professionals know that “unnecessary variation and a hierarchical culture that fosters a lack of transparency (...) are sources of unsafe, inefficient, and high-cost practices in the delivery of health care.” 1 This is especially evident among other providers of postoperative home health services: A lack of clear structures, standards of care, and planning among other providers motivated us to start oveRNight RN and set the bar higher. Along the way we’ve learned what’s necessary to do this at a larger scale too, and have developed some unique tools that will allow us to provide even better solutions to more providers and patients in the near future.

Stay tuned for our exciting updates next month!


1   Outpatient Anesthesia.” Basics of Anesthesia, Ronald D. Miller & Manuel Pardo, Elsevier, 2017, chapter 37.

Michael Freyer