Setting Up Your Bedroom for Smooth Home Recovery

It’s hard to argue that we feel more comfortable anywhere else than our own four walls, especially our bedrooms. If your surgeon offers you the option of staying there after your procedure it’s not only more cost-effective than staying in a hospital, it’s also a much more comforting environment to heal in. Remember these few important steps to make sure your home recovery is as smooth as possible:

  1. The day before your surgery date, make sure to wash your sheets and sleep in clean ones the night before you head to the surgery center. Not only will a fresh set of sheets be more comfortable, it will also help lower the risk of your incision becoming infected.

  2. Make sure to place a small table or night stand next to the head of your bed. That way, you’ll have a convenient place to put your medications, instructions, water bottles or snacks, and your phone.

  3. Speaking of phones, make sure that you have good reception by your bedside and that your landline can be reached in case your surgeon’s office would like to contact you to check in during your recovery.

  4. Place some cash in a secure drawer in your nightstand or elsewhere in your bedroom in case you’d like to order takeout or need a friend to run any errands for you. In today’s age of delivery apps we’ve become accustomed to cashless transactions, but it can be useful to have a backup if any of these fail.

Michael Freyer