Featured Surgeon: Michelle Eagan, M.D.

When we first started exploring how we could best cover the needs of post-operative patients in their homes we found an ally in Dr. Michelle Eagan, a uniquely qualified plastic surgeon new to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. Eagan has completed over nine years of extensive training including her residency in the world's aesthetic enhancement capital, Beverly Hills. During her time there, she worked with industry legend Dr. Drew Ordon, star of the TV show "The Doctors". She sets herself apart through her unique approach: By finding and enhancing the natural beauty that her patients possess, she creates long-lasting and natural results. Her focus is on helping patients discover their own best sides, helping them maximize confidence in themselves and where they are in their lives. 

What impresses us most about Dr. Eagan is her level of attention to detail not only in the operating room, but when spending time with her patients before and after surgery as well. She takes the time to listen to, evaluate, and understand her clients' needs, and goes the extra mile to provide them with a safe and comfortable experience. Amanda Richey, Co-Founder of oveRNight RN adds: "Dr. Eagan's aesthetic eye is stellar, and she truly cares about her patients. She goes the extra mile to provide them with stellar results and does so consistently. Her clinical and technical knowledge is phenomenal and we both share strong values surrounding patient safety. I trust her as an ally to provide the the best patient care possible."

We take pride in our work with Dr. Eagan and value her personal attention to all her patients. 

Michael Freyer