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Why should I hire a personal Postoperative Care Nurse to make my surgery experience safer and more comfortable?


The Challenge:

Surgeries are strenuous on the human body. Without proper support during the healing process, the road to recovery can be rocky. Not only does one out of every three patients suffer from sudden nausea and vomiting; a figure that rises to two out of three among at-risk patients; final surgical outcomes also suffer without the right aftercare. Patients are at greater risk of developing hematomas and seromas without proper support, putting the success of procedures at risk. Inadequate wound care can also result in a greater buildup of scar tissue and risk for infection.

Where others fall short: 

Comfort care is not enough. Medically untrained personnel cannot meet the needs of postoperative patients because they are not capable of tending to your physical and mental well-being, or guarding you from unexpected complications. Friends and family members also cannot offer the privacy that many patients desire. 

As an alternative, staying in a hospital is stressful and costly. Patients do not heal well in shared rooms, loud environments, or without feeling comfortable and at home. Post-surgical hospital stays further delay your ability to return home and get back on your feet in a comfortable environment. 


The Solution: 

Home care provided by Your personal Postoperative Care Nurse

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As specialists in postoperative healing, we carefully optimize the support we provide. This is how we make it the best care you can receive:

Special Training

Many home care providers rely on non-medical staff and comfort care personnel to provide services. In contrast, we only work with Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants whose personal areas of expertise include post-anesthesia care, and who demonstrate their ability to build positive relationships with their patients. By offering the most competent caregivers, we are prepared to handle any medical need or personal request. We continuously train our staff to adapt new and innovative techniques for pain management, overall well-being, and surgical outcome optimization. This makes us the definitive experts in outpatient surgery aftercare.

Evidence-based Care with a Twist

The care our nurses provide is based on the most current research in wound care and post-anesthesia recovery. But we go one step further: Healing in comfort comes from within, and we take the patient’s greater well-being into consideration. We offer a variety of supplemental approaches including lymphatic massage, aromatherapy, and dietary supplements that provide noticeable improvements to  your condition and comfort. At your request, we can offer these solutions to supercharge your healing.

Improved Surgical Outcome

Through everything we do, we ultimately help You and Your surgeon achieve the best possible results after a procedure. This includes a more swift and comfortable recovery and significantly improved outcomes; including reduced scar tissue.


So how does it work?


Your surgeon will share his care instructions with us and, and your personal nurse will hold a consultation to discuss your needs, wants, and plans.

When you are discharged from the recovery room, we will provide transportation to your home or place of stay so you can rest. 

Your Postoperative Care Nurse will care for you as long as needed or desired, until you are able to take the next steps yourself. 


Your nurse will share her notes with your surgeon to touch base. If you'd like, we will also accompany you to your postoperative appointment. 


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