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Our Story

Time after time, Co-founder Amanda Richey noticed the look of uncertainty and surprise on her patients' faces when preparing to discharge them from the postoperative care facilities of the surgery centers she has worked at. "I have to go home so soon?" and "I don't feel ready!" were just some of the most common remarks. Over the years, she realized how the quick patient turnaround times created a need for better surgical aftercare. Home care solutions in the market up to that point were inadequate. She combined her efforts with Co-founder Michael Freyer who used his entrepreneurial skill set to investigate every point along the road to healing. Together, the two set out to optimize the protocols, procedures, and standards of care that patients encounter during their surgical journey. The solutions they crafted laid the basis for an array of services which provided the ground oveRNight RN was built on. 

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Meet the Management Team:


Meet our Management Team:


Amanda Richey, RN, BSN, MHA

Co-Founder & President

Amanda holds a Master's degree in Healthcare Administration from National University and more than a decade of hands-on experience as a Registered Nurse, including service in the US Navy and at UCLA Medical Center. Her special training, knowledge and experience are in all aspects of pre- and post-operative patient care.  Doctors entrust their patients and their professional reputations to Amanda and the nursing team at oveRNight RN because of her proven track record and leadership skills. Amanda ensures that all members of the oveRNight RN team correctly follow physician directions and medical guidelines to deliver expert, safe, consistent, and unsurpassed patient care.


Michael Freyer, MSEL

Co-Founder & Executive Officer

With his entrepreneurial focus on economic and social value creation, Michael is in charge of oveRNight RN's business operations. He maintains our ability to deliver the high standard of care that sets the oveRNight RN healing experience apart, and which provides benefits to all stakeholders; from patients to surgeons, families, and nurses.  Beyond having built companies on both coasts of the United States as well as in Europe, he brings practical experience in product development and compliance. Michael also holds a Master's degree from Babson College's F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business.


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