Outpatient surgery is easier with a professional helping hand at home. overnight rn provides the best postoperative caregivers to support better healing, improve patient safety, and facilitate better outcomes. 

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Find out why you can benefit from personal care after your ambulatory surgery as a patient. 


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Find out what you can gain from working with oveRNight RN as a surgeon or patient coordinator. 


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"When I woke up after the surgery I felt like I was in a safe place because of the relationship I was able to build with my nurse."

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Surgeon Feature: Michelle Eagan, M.D.

When we first started exploring how we could best cover the needs of post-operative patients in their homes we found an ally in Dr. Michelle Eagan, a uniquely qualified plastic surgeon new to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Michelle Eagan, M.D.

Michelle Eagan, M.D.